We Incubate

Stop sketching. Start building


“An entrepreneur isn't someone who owns a business, it's someone who makes things happen. Be one of them.”

Business incubation programs will be sponsored by Wotahub to public institutions, such as colleges and universities. Our goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services. There are approximately 900 business incubators nationwide, according to the National Business Incubation Association.

Our Incubation service provide numerous benefits to owners of startup businesses. Their office and manufacturing space is offered at below-market rates, and their staff supplies advice and much-needed expertise in developing business and marketing plans as well as helping to fund fledgling businesses. Companies typically spend an average of two years in our business incubator, during which time we often share telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment expenses with other startup companies, in an effort to reduce everyone’s overhead and operational costs.

Not all startups are alike, however, so if you have a specialized idea for a business, and if our incubation program seems interesting to you, be prepared to submit a fleshed-out business plan. The plan will be reviewed by a screening committee to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for admission. We carefully screen potential businesses because our space, equipment, and finances are limited, and we want to be sure we are choosing to nurture businesses with the best possible chance for success.